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Grouper Catch

Check your Nets! You got quite a catch!

From our fishing partners around the world, we reel in some doozies! Quickly hand cut into fillet portions, our fresh fish receives a flash freezing to maintain texture and taste. What’s best about this process? It gives you time to organize your recipe and cooking calendar. Superior taste remains intact.

Size up some of our featured fish.

Flounder {firm white meat with a delicate flaky bite, pan=fry for a robust meal} Flounder prides itself as the most plentiful fish in the ocean!

Cod {flaky white fish with a mild flavor, complement it with rice pilaf}

Grouper {very mild taste with a sweet hint, firm white flesh, serve on a mixed green salad}

Tuna Medallions {Mild & Meaty, Firm and Moist, unbelievable pan-searing fish}

Tilapia {Slightly salty with a spongy constancy like chicken, bake with a pecan crust}

Red Snapper {Somewhat sweet, but with oily and moist texture, great on the grill}

Sword Fish {Meaty & steak-like, but with a mild taste, consider a kebab}

Mahi Mahi {Distinctly sweet with firm chunks, perfect for fish tacos}

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