Welcome to a premium Maryland Blue Crab company, located in the Chester Maryland, a small town nestled on the largest island on the Chesapeake Bay, Kent Island.  Our watermen strategically set pots amongst the seaweed beds bordering Matapeake State Park, Romancoke Pier, and inlets along Kent Island.  Sizing busters, peelers, soft shells; and of course, hard shells require a sun-hardened experience and a watchful eye on the cast-iron scale.  What’s a legend crab?  Our scale measure 7 inches point-to-point or more for each Beautiful Swimmer, ensuring accurate sizing and heaviness!  In fact, all our seafood delicacies from buttery Gulf shrimp to briny protein-filled Nantucket scallops, exhibit premium high-quality standards and guides our team to ship you Blue Ribbon products.  Our name is Maryland Blue Crab Express; meaning, we get your wise selections to your location quickly!  Thank-you for trusting us with your seafood needs!


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