Listen to what some of our satisfied customers had to say...

"Wonderful 50th Anniversary surprise. Thank you."



"We've bought crabs from you 5 or 6 times over the last couple of years - and we HAVE NEVER been disappointed - but I have to say the crabs we just received were the BEST, EVER.

 We intend to order another bushel towards the end of August.

 We really just can't say enough about the product/service you provide. 

 You are a must for every Baltimore ex-patriot out there."




"I'm from Annapolis Maryland. I ordered some crabs from y'all last year and it was the best crabs I had in awhile.  I live in Kansas now.  I will be ordering some more crabs from y'all and I told a lot of my friends about your here in Kansas."



"Growing up in Chester, Maryland, I definitely know my crabs. We had them almost every weekend in the summer on our back patio. Now I live in Denver, Colorado and it's virtually impossible to get good seafood out here, especially Maryland Crabs. I decided to try and get crabs shipped out and was impressed by your website. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I called and spoke to Mike, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. I placed only a dozen order to try them. Fantastic, they were big, fat and heavy just like we had as kids. I will now be a regular. Thank you so much!"

Pat Carino, Denver, Colorado


"We purchased some crabs just before Christmas for a special Christmas Eve pasta sauce that Grandma has been making for more than 30 years.
We received the crabs in a timely manner; the packaging was excellent; and the crabs were outstanding.
We were very happy with the purchase. We'll be back again at the same time next year."
All the best,
Eli Kramer
Minneapolis, MN
"I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the bushel of female crabs. They were absolutely delicious!"
Patricia Wingfield
Sistersville, WV


 "My crab order arrived on Friday just as you promised. The crabs were very tasty and cooked just right. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants to order online. Your staff was very helpful!."

Terry Boone



"Crabs were perfectly steamed and spiced. Thanks for making our Maryland Crab Party a huge hit. I think we made a lot of new crab fans out here in Montana. Definitely will use your company again."

Bob Thomas,Spokanne, Washington

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dear Blue Crab Express: My wife and I were born and raised outside of Annapolis MD. I ordered a bushel of crabs on Thursday for my wife's birthday "....and they were delivered on Saturday. From talking to Amber, Ashley and Megan in CS, and eating the crabs, you have a customer for life. The crabs tasted so good that it bought back some great memories for us. Thanks again and we will be ordering again real soon."

Bill from Dothan Alabama


"Thank you ....prompt shipment of a dozen fresh blue crabs this week which arrived in a very timely fashion to enable me and fellow chef to produce a very succulent and successful Crab Bisque. This was enjoyed at the December meeting of the Corp Cullinaire Internationale in Peoria, Illinois. After scouring Peoria for blue crabs unsuccessfully on Wednesday, December 19th, I found your company and with fast service, you enabled us to produce this fine soup in time for our dinner on Friday 21st."

Graham W Loomes, Peoria, Illinois


"I wanted to thank you for the great job you did when shipping crabs to my grandmother in Rochester, NY. She was extremely excited and happy. This was a very easy and smooth purchase and everything went off without a hitch!! I also wanted to thank Mike for being so courteous and helpful when I called to check the status of my order. You did great and I would definitely recommend you to everyone."

Wendy Gall, North Beach, Maryland


"Thank you Maryland Blue Crab Express!  My father's 70th Birthday Dinner was a success!  Coming from Long Island NY, we would spend our summers crabbing and claming, only to sit under lights strung from tree to tree eating and drinking until the wee hours!  Moving west to Idaho, we thought we would never have summer nights like that ever again.  With our family and friends, Sinatra playing, and the wine flowing, we were able to relive those summer nights feasting on Blue Crabs, and clams.  We truly thank you for your services and delicous crabs." 

Kathryn Schaeffer, Boise, Idaho


"Just had to let you know ..... the crab cakes were excellent....we have ordered from other places in Maryland before and were not satisfied, but yours were tremendous......thank you very much!"

Terri & Fred, West Sunbury, Pennsylvania


A quick note from some happy customers: "Thank you.  We ordered a half bushel of crabs for a tailgate party for the Browns/Ravens game this afternoon.  While the outcome of the game was not what we were looking for, the tailgating was the best ever.  We were the envy of everyone in the lot.Your service was unbelievable.  We placed our order on Friday and it was delivered to our door by 9:00 A.M. Saturday.  What a great product your company has to offer!  If only our team could deliver quality product like your company.  Thank you!!!"

Bill Chagrin, Great Falls, Ohio


"The crabs arrived on time for our family Christmas party, and they were deeelicious. They were spiced just right, and huge and again deeelicious. I look forward to our next order of your crabs and other products. Thanks for making our Chrismas party a huge success."

Loredo Lorilla, El Paso, Texas


"Hi there, I ordered the crabs for my little sister's 30th birthday. Being that we are Maryland girls transplanted to California, the Chesapeake Crab Connection 1/2 bushel of crabs really brought back wonderful memories. The packaging was great and the crabs were super heavy and perfectly seasoned.

Having been born and raised in Virginia, a family/neighborhood gets together.... always includes great company, and Maryland-style Blue Crabs (elbow to elbow with a lot of newspaper on picnic tables strung end to end). I had to move to Boston for a new job and one night I searched the internet for a way to get a slice of home and luckily I found Maryland Blue Crab Express! Since then, I have always relied on Maryland Blue Crab Express to make that little slice of home happen. I have been ordering both live and steamed crabs from them for the past year (plus) and have yet to be disappointed. I always recommend them to the poor lost southerners up here in the north, so they can get a taste of home. For a gathering of good friends, or just a taste of home ... they cook it old style. Just like we did. They rock!"

Phil Lawrence, Massachusetts


"Jim, My Company just left after enjoying the wonderful Maryland crabs. The seasoning was perfect. There were 7 of us and less than a dozen crabs left if that tells you anything. My brother took all of the information and we will be ordering again in July if not before. Thank you for the great treat. It makes Maryland seem a little closer!!!

P.S. They were delivered around 10:45 am this morning....perfect!!!"

Carol Dalrymple



Jessica Chappell



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. The crabs were received on Thursday. I've been crabbing and enjoying eating crabs for 25+ years and these were amazing! Some of the biggest crabs I've seen! I will order them again!!!"

Craig Mark


"Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful crabs. My husband was raised in Washington, DC and once we were married we vacationed in Ocean City Maryland for many summers.  Crabs were a big part of his life and he loves them!  He recently celebrated his 60th birthday and through my son (who lives in L.A., and also purchased your crabs for his friend) we decided this would be the perfect FEAST for his 60th!  They were a hit, they arrived on time on a Saturday morning and by 5:00 pm that afternoon we were all sitting around the dining room table covered in newspaper hammering away!!  Thanks for making this a birthday he will never forget!!

Thank you so much for working so hard to make our family dinner a success.  Living in the North East, which is lobster country, makes it hard on a Southern girl who grew up on blue crab feasts on the shores of Annapolis.  I wanted to bring some of my experiences to my husband's family, who are from Mass & Maine, and with your delicious crabs, they enjoyed the new spice of life -- Old Bay.  I know shipping here was difficult due to an address change but you handled it with ease and professionalism.  We will order again soon!"

All the best,






"We just had to take a minute to tell you what a wonderful surprise we had after opening up our bushel of crabs. We lived in Maryland for over 30 years and are now retired in Kentucky. We missed crabs so much and decided to order some. Since we had never ordered online or from your company we were hoping for the best. And guess what, it was the BEST we got.  We enjoyed your crabs as some of the best we have ever tasted. We are going to make this a yearly, if not more, occurrence. Thank you for the best treat we have had in a long time. Everyone at the feast just raved.  We will be ordering from you again."

Chuck & Nancy Fink


"Absolutely Fantastic........... They arrived before 12:00 noon today....very,very happy, nice heavy crabs cooked to perfection...I sent this picture on the internet to some friends of the first one I pulled from the box today.....wow! Thanks again....I'll be back!"



"Dear Maryland Blue Crab Express: I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the crabs we received from you on October 20th were absolutely delightful. We ate every morseL of meat! All arrrived alive and well. Very meaty.The best we've had in recent memory. Keep up the good work. This is the 3rd time we ordered from you, and was the absolute best. We'll call on you again next time."

Linda Ferguson-Davie and Tim Lesniewski


"Just wanted to say THANK YOU !  We ordered two dozen crabs last week to be shipped overnight to the San Francisco Bay Area for a crab feast.   The crabs were awesome! I am originally from the D.C. area but transplanted 20 years ago to the west coast.  Folks truly have no idea just how much better Maryland Blue Crabs are compared to the rather tasteless Dungeness Crabs we have out here. Thanks so much for creating an awesome evening of crab cracking and watching VT football on Thursday night."




I am truly speechless.  I tried other companies only to be disappointed.  A little weary about ordering online, but I feel like I won the lottery whenI opened the cooler.  They were perfect in every way.  I sent my dad a bushel for Father's Day and he said it was his best Father's Day gift yet.Can't get enough of them.  Please keep doing your thing.  It's perfect."


Scott, Appleton, WI.


"I just received my order of crab meat and am very pleased with the quality and freshness of the product. I'm from Maryland and now live in Florida. We can't get Maryland Blue Crabs here and I miss them so much.Thanks for the best crab meat I have had in years.I  will be ordering more in the near future from you. I have tried other places that said they had Maryland Blue Crabs and I could tell that they were from somewhere else, not Maryland.You are the best. I will be trying some of your other seafood also."

Brad W, Florida


"This is the second time I have ordered crab meat from you and I still am not disappointed. Crab season has just started and your company did everything to get my order delivered in a timely fashion even though it is a tough time to get Maryland crab meat from anyone. I will never order any seafood from anyone but this company.You have gone way above the call of duty to get my order to me for ....the beginning of the season. It still is the best Maryland crab meat I have ever had.T he meat is fresh and clean of shells. Thank you for being the best in the business."

Brad W


"Hi folks, wanted to let you know that Mom's 80th birthday party was a smashing success - the steamed crabs were some of the best I have ever had and that is saying something when we caught our own crabs at our shore on the Bay (or went to Auggies). Now that Mom lives with me in the western North Carolina, really good steamed crabs used to be hard to come by.  When she said that was what she wanted for her birthday, I was hoping they would be good.  We were not disappointed - the steamed crabs were terrific!!

Thank you for providing our Mom with one of the best birthdays' she has had in awhile."

The Beebe and Troutmans


"Just wanted to let you know how fabulous the crabs I received on Friday were. My brother and I had a bet on the Flyers/Blackhawks series. If the Flyers won, I would send him ribs from Chicago. If the Hawks won, I would receive Maryland Crabs. Happy to say that the Hawks--and my brother--came through. I shared them with several other transplanted Easterners (one of whom worked at his uncle's crab restaurant in Annapolis for years while growing up) and we were in heaven. Some of the best crabs we have ever had, and certainly the best we have ever had in Chicago. Thank you for helping us start the summer with a feast to remember!"

Mary Ellen Sullivan


"We just had an order of crabs delivered on 9/16/2016. Can not begin to tell you how pleased we were. We have been ordering crabs for years and this shipment was perfect. From the packaging to the wonderful size and the great speices and all the rest that goes with it. Was a great day of cleaning and eating crabs with the family. Loved the packaging. Looked so nice and neat I decided to put them out to eat in the same manner. I spent a lot of my childhood in Baltimore, MD,  and we would go to the bay and catch our crabs and cook them. So when we moved we were not going to do without our crabs....So continued to order them from you..... Great job and great memories with all of it. Thanks for the excellent way you do business. Love them crabs."

The Smiths

Peoria, AZ


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