King, Snow, Dungeness Crabs

Crab legs, clusters and claws transform an ordinary meal into an exquisite seafaring ultimate catch!

Celebrating a birthday? Pass a silver-platter of Triple Scored Atlantic Jonah Crab Claws to your friends. Steamed and succulently sweet & ready for picante sauce, Stone Crab Claws mark another year in style. Inviting your relatives over for a reunion? Sauté salty-sweet snow crab meat & showcase this Bering Sea delicacy in a robust soup, on a fresh salad, or mixed-in a rich casserole. Choose your size: 4 oz., 5-8 oz., 8-10 oz., or 10-14 oz. for your meal that says, "Family is Forever!"  Decide on a Saturday romantic dinner?  Light the candles and serve a surf and turf special with an 8 oz. tender ribeye and delectable, scrumptious King Crab Legs. Position a saucer of clarified butter aside your king legs for a grand dipping affair....  Choices, choices! Decide on medium, large, jumbo or colossal legs. Celebrate a healthy choice in crabs for all your events.  Per serving size, 3-4 Jonah claws supply 16 grams of protein, 6 ounces of snow crab clusters give a 33.6 grams of protein boost, and 5 ounces of king legs secure 25.93 grams of protein. Eat with assurance! Follow us on Facebook for exclusive promo codes to save 15% off your order.

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