Blue Crab Meat

Jumbo, Lump and Claw Crabmeat Transform your Summer Recipes

Just can’t get enough of crabmeat, but your fingers need a rest from the crack’n & pick’n?  Our crab houses along the Bay crack the crab for you.  Separating jumbo & lump from the body and claw from the legs and claws, our fearless pickers remove all the shells and pack the meat in a handy sealed plastic tub weighing 1 pound.  How do the meats distinguish themselves?  Diverse and distinct for authentic recipes, each meat serves a purpose for you, the master chef. 

Jumbo:  Prized for showboating crabmeat with large tender pieces, jumbo tastes clean with a delicate salty-sweet flavor.  Possibly add this choice to cream of crab to delight the diner with huge crab pieces resting in a spoonful.  Prepare your ingredients: jumbo & lump crabmeat, half-n-half, butter, parsley, and seafood seasoning.

Lump:  Similar to the esteemed jumbo, lump offers smaller pieces when the recipe calls for a mixture of pallets and a large crab piece may detract from the experience.  Sometimes you want to serve an appetizer that starts the conversation right!  Mini Crab Melts might do the trick. Prepare your ingredients:  gruyere cheese, sourdough, lump crabmeat, and tomatoes.

Claw:  For the claw-cracker in you, this meat satisfies a sweeter and richer meat that has a shredded texture.  Looking for a hint of crab, but the crab serves as a co-star to other ingredients, try claw.  Dishes with showy sauces, rich dips and hearty soups enjoy claw.  Here’s a thought.  Whip up some Crab Guacamole.  Mix claw crabmeat, avocadoes, red onions, cilantro, limes, garlic, salt & pepper in this show starter.

Summer cuisine never tasted better with Maryland Blue Crab Express's select crabmeat.  Follow us on Facebook so you can share your own crabilicious delights.  Also, we share promo codes on Facebook and Twitter to help you save for that summer vacation!  Bon Appetit! 

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