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Alligator Meat

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Tired of another night of chicken? Try Alligator!

Fitness fanatics introduced this keto-friendly choice to a diet void of copious amounts of carbohydrates, but with energy rich food from protein and healthy unsaturated fat. When searching the refrigerator for the perfect protein for a garden salad, you may become tired of the typical choice like chicken. Yes, a sockeye salmon may do the trick, but what if you compromised? Alligator tastes like chicken and has a hint of fish, specifically, grouper. The consistency and tenderness remind the diner of dark chicken meat. All these aspects may perk your interest in alligator meat and rightfully so.

Southern folk from Louisiana consider alligator as seafood. This descriptor makes sense since the meat has a very slight fishiness in flavor. The alligator’s preference for a “swampy” environment and the time spent in the water, naturally develops a meat with similarities to fish. Like land meat, however, the tail area offers a tenderloin much sought-after, reminiscent to fillet mignon.

The stats sell alligator meat the most. In a 3.2 ounce serving, raw alligator offers 232 calories, forty-six grams of protein, and four grams of fat. Back to selecting meat for a salad, these nutritional facts will certainly enhance a healthy salad with beneficial energy. Many home chefs add alligator to the list of ingredients for a stew, cut it in sections for a grilling skewer, or fry it for a creative “fish -n- chips.” No matter what recipe you choose, alligator meat will take your cuisine to a Cajun level!

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