FROZEN-Maryland Soft Shell Crabs


Harvested from Bay waters around the docks and estuaries of the seaside crab capital of the world, Crisfield, MD, our soft-shells or "busters" receive skillful flash freezing within a three-hour window to avoid the crab's natural regrowing of the hard shell. These individually packed crabs undergo a “cleaning” and “dressing” that removes all uneatable features as the gills and mouth. Similarly, flash freezing guarantees a fresh product for your cooking options.

Most Popular Cooking Method

Batter dip your crab in Soft Crab Batter from J.O., a Baltimore MD brand.  Containing wheat flour, non-fat milk & egg yolk powder, this batter mixes with cooking oil to coat your soft shells and prepares them for deep-frying. Slice a ripe red tomato, crack crisp lettuce and whip-up a side of tartar sauce for a sandwich that embodies a unique salty-sweet crab taste. 

Choosing the Correct Size

Our team approximates the soft crabs’ sizes with a .5 to 1-inch deviation. Cleaning the crab may decrease the size appearance, but once stretched point-to-point, the crustacean reaches its designated size.  Choose from the smallest to largest:  Mediums, Hotels, Primes, Jumbos, and Whales.

Special Note

Soft Shells can naturally shed legs in the wild, along in the flash freezing process. If the legs break off during shipping, simply cook and serve the legs with the soft-shell crab. 


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