Cold Water Lobster Tails/ Warm Water Lobster Tails

Keep aluminum on the periodic table and not your dinner!

Cooking Tip: Lobster Claws

Scored Lobster Claws make the picking easy, especially during a cocktail hour. Cracked for easy access to the succulent meat, Canadian Lobster exhibits a tender meat that dips majestically into a hot butter bath. Our two-pound bag that contains about 12-18 claws arrives precooked and flash frozen for your cooking convenience. When ready, leave this bag in the fridge overnight to thaw the meat. Some claim running warm water over the bag thaws the meat, but this technique risks cooking the meat, causing a slightly soggy texture even after you officially cook. Preheat your oven to 350 °F. Take your bag of claws and empty it into a stainless-steel oven basket. Avoid using aluminum since the metal has reportedly seeped into food when cooked at high temperatures. Yes, fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. naturally contain aluminum, but why add more? Some studies even report Alzheimer’s may relate to aluminum foil use. Keep your lobster claws flawless! Bake for about ten minutes and serve to your deserving diners! Not only should food taste fresh, but also it should do a body good!

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