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Spring Seafood Savings continue with “Why not stock the kitchen?” deals.

Choose from our fresh catches! Serve five of your most discriminant guests firmly tender & sweet 1.15-pound Maine lobsters. Foraging cold waters along Maine’s rocky shoreline, these lobsters taste less salty since the cooler temperatures keep the salt out and sweet meat in! Not only that, but our lobster meat triumphantly soaks in hot garlic butter. How about cracking and dipping Florida Stone Crab Claws in traditional mustard sauce? Plan several events with 10 pounds of tender, delicate meat. Talk about a perfect appetizer! Serve cold, however, since it tastes clean and fresh. Warming the claws detracts from the profound taste. Just when you thought the deals couldn’t get better, they do! A case of 5-8-ounce Snow Crab Clusters catches your “deal eyes.” Caught off the coasts of Alaska, this flaky-sweet crab meat easily escapes the elongated shells and tastes ideal with seafood spices and piping hot clarified butter. Cooked expeditiously along the docks, these legs require a “finishing” steam of no more than 5-6 minutes over salty water. With over 40 ultimate catch deals, your kitchen will never smell so good! (Must take delivery by 05-18-2019.) Follow us on Facebook for videos and blogs.


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