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Take time for you today.  Taste a crispy traditional crab cake dipped in tart remoulade. Crack a crab and feel the spring breeze….

Sound too good to be true?  Not when Maryland Blue Crab Express delivers all your blue crab favorites to your front door!  Check out our HUGE online store today!  Prince Edward Island Mussels, Nantucket Scallops, Virginia Clams, Maryland Blue Crabs and all your favorite catches.  Looking for the ultimate catch?  We have it.  Stocking up the freezer?  We’ll help.  Looking for the best online seafood delivery?  We do it!  

Countdown the days ‘til spring with a dozen steamed blue crabs!

Forget the winter doldrums and fill the house with that “Old Bay” smell!  Serve-up a dozen or two freshly caught USA meat-filled blue crabs.  Check out the true traditional Chesapeake Bay grading scale.   Small (5”-5.5”), Medium (5.5”-6”), Large (6”-6.5”), EX-Large (6”-6.5”), Super (7” +)  Each crab is checked for heaviness and individually sized so you get what you deserve and crave for your feast!.  Each crab is at peak condition!  Bursting with jumbo, lump and claw meat, these crabs weigh-in and break the scales!  Feeling extra-hungry?  Let our crew catch some extra blues for you!  Fill the table with delicious crabs.  Here’s how we name half and full bushel sizes.  Bay (5”-5.5”), Jimmy (5.5”-6.5”) and Jumbo (6”-7”) Do you want to try a crab that might have roe, a crab caviar?  Yes, we have female crabs too.  Let Maryland Blue Crab Express cater your countdown to spring crab feast!

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