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Jumbo Whales and Jumbo Meat

Make it an “Everything Crab Event!”

Maryland Blue, West Coast Dungeness, Alaskan King, and Canadian Snow Crabs line-up for a taste-off. The battle of the coasts leads the swinging mallets, and clenching claw crackers. Let’s get started! Sweet and salty with a buttery hintblue crabs steam or boil into a robust meal, while Dungeness boasts a saltier and slightly nutty option with a “steaky” consistency as compared to the blue crab’s flaky texture.  Snow and King Crabs, two frigid water ultimate catches relate to each other in that a more briny or salty exuberance fills each bite. Similar to a lobster flavor, king crab brings a hefty price tag, but the legs break the scales with loads of jampacked meat in each leg. Snow crab’s meat easily snaps from its clusters and exhibits a fibrous quality similar to corn beef.  A table filled with all four will certainly have your crab fans coming back for more!

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