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Does hot weather bother the Blue Crab?

When the sun begins beating down on the bay in full strength, the rainbows caused in rippling waters will cause an amazing spectacle, but does the intensity bother the blue crab? Yes. Unearthing themselves in early spring, the ten-legged crustacean begins swimming sideways in search of the perfect habitat for eelgrass snacks, along with insects, snails, oysters, clams, plankton, etc. A temperature between 70-75 degrees F gives them the best malleability through the waters with healthy oxygen levels. They prefer a peaceful setting at which they can “rule the show,” but when the weather impedes their environment, they begin searching for cooler waters. In most cases, this means deeper waters that may cause trouble for crabbers in potting a generous amount for upcoming summer feasts. In fact, even after a thunderstorm, blue crabs appear dazed and confused until they regain their bearings. Watch the water temperatures and search out crabs when the weather behaves. If the water reaches 91 degrees F, it’s lethal to the “Beautiful Swimmer that is Savory.” So, when you get your hands on a heavy bushel during the hot days of summer, crack and pick with gratitude!

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