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What cools the burning flame of Old Bay, but complements a crab’s delicious lump?  Beer, of course!  Either non-alcoholic or traditional brew, Bay enthusiasts give the thumbs up to a hoppy finish for a salty-sweet beginning.

Captain Mike at Maryland Blue Crab Express claims Labor Day parties reached an “Off-the-hook, hammer-slamming, claw-cracking good time!”  A close consensus this year votes Traditional Yuengling Lager as a “Best Beer Complement” to Express’s #1 Status for hefty crabs during Fat Crab Season.  

Sometimes a keg fits a crowd, but possibly a bottle or two will wash down that Old Bay magnificently.  Polling crab eaters in Easton, Maryland this past weekend,  we found that most enthusiasts claimed they just like partying with beer, but with closer examination, the truth arose.  The hoppy beer cooled the palate quickly and the alcohol numbed the burning flame of the Old Bay.  Quenching thirst led the response since the hot summer sun still shone its rays on the frisbee throwing fanatics.  This year our crab feast planner, Captain Mike, chose Traditional Yuengling Lager and the response gave it accolades!  He reports that most diners described the lager as crisp and clean with a mild sweetness that didn’t overbear the crab and spice flavor.  “A rich amber rules the day with a roasted caramel malt that complements the crab fat and lumpy jumbo meat.”  We here at Maryland Blue Crab Express want your thoughts.  Which beer do you think gives a crab fest a 5-Star status?  Share your ideas on our blog.


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