Double Dozen Doozies

Delicious Dozens

Spring Seafood sets the Perfect Table!

After a brisk winter or a time away from outdoor activities, the first signs of spring move the entire nation into setting up outdoor sanctuaries for the holidays of rebirth. A few favorites and a couple new combos will get those hungry fans over for a fun-filled dinner. Begin with the headliner, a double dozen jumbos, measuring impressive sizes from 6 to 7 inches point-to-point on the top shell. This spring, our crew include a free pound of Jumbo Texas Gulf Shrimp with every order. We know, sometimes you may want to sneak away from the crowd for your own personal dozen. That’s why we load the pots with our new “Bells Rock Bay Mix.” Named after a famous lighthouse at West Point, Virginia this dozen arrives steamed and spiced with the Maryland Recipe. Finally, you may want to get creative by beer-battering some soft shells and whipping up crab dip with our Jumbo & Whale Power Pack. Let the sun shine brightly down on a seafood table, worthy of a delicious spring seafood feast.

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