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Jumbos load up the plate to a heavyweight!

No matter which crab you decide, know that a Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale ensures a delicious catch. Crabbers develop an eye for size, but even the most seasoned waterman places the crab on the metal ruler scale, so each crab finds the appropriate bushel. Check out the stats. Bays 5”-6” ~ Jimmies 5.5-6.5” ~ Jumbo 6”-7” and Females 5”-7”. Locating a crab house that keeps to the tradition will guarantee a plate loaded with some meaty crabs. Steamed to an exact timing, spiced to your liking, and delivered for FREE! That’s a winning mix. More crab with accurate sizing and $0 Delivery Charge means only one thing, “Time for a Crab Feast!”


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