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(1 lb) USA Fresh LUMP BLUE Crab Meat


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  • Product will arrive fresh if shipped overnight, all other transit times product may arrive frozen 
  • Our blue crab meat comes from several picking house depending on the time of the year. They are located in North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Alabama.  

USA Lump Blue Crab Meat

Get Picky Over Your Crabmeat!

Crabmeat on the grocery shelves may claim “Chesapeake Style” or “Authentic Blue Crabmeat”, but you may want to take a closer look. Scan the container for the product’s origins. Chances are, if the price is low, you’re handling foreign meat from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Indonesia, or even the Philippines. The detective work doesn’t stop at the market. Ask your restaurant server where the lump crab meat comes from in your crispy crab cake and you may be surprised, especially if you chose an entrée priced at twenty or more dollars. If the kitchen doesn’t know, just get up and walk out. It’s not worth it! Let me tell you why.

Keep those Blues Healthy!

You may be tempted to tear open a tub of crabmeat and taste the salty-sweet delicacy. Not so fast. USA meat receives an initial steaming before a thorough picking at a crab picking house along the Chesapeake Bay and other blue crab waterways. These diehards tub the jumbo, lump, and claw meat in pound tubs. Oversea facilities have similar techniques, but the crab lover questions the health standards. In both cases, a second cooking is necessary for the meat, since with hand picking, bacteria grows quickly. A chef or home cook can make the crab dish delicious and safe with a second cooking above 120 degrees F. With the increasing demand for crab cakes, imperial, chowders, etc., environmental sustainability groups have initiated watchdog organizations to keep all this picking at check or at bay! The Marine Stewardship Council directly attempts to keep all countries mindful of crab populations. It’s all about respecting Nature. For instance, they suggest watermen use crab pots rather than dredging nets. With all these attempts to keep all meat fresh, it’s our crab docks who win. USA meat outperforms the foreign brands.

First, our Maryland “Want-to-Bes”

Indonesia, the Philippines, and other popular crabbing spots for mass quantities of blue crab meat receive an “overfishing”. Crabs don’t get a chance to grow to larger sizes, which cuts down on more robust crab meat chunks. Try finding jumbo from overseas. You may have a difficult time. Probably the most offensive process is their “cleaning” of the meat with sodium acid pyrophosphate. This agent bleaches the meat to a crisp white, preserves it for shelf live, and removes crab smells. In the process they remove the “buttery” flavor from the meat. Chefs must use their creative seasonings to bring the meat back to life.

Step aside for the REAL Meat!

Our American Pride vessels motor through sounds, estuaries, and inlets all along the eastern seaboard and into the Gulf. Virginia, Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas all fly the blue crab flag with pride. Our watermen strictly follow crabbing guidelines and seasons. As a result, our crabs weigh heavier and grow to huge sizes. A healthier crab and more mature crab have more succulence and a buttery hint. Our certified crab houses strictly watch over the picking process to ensure crab species and health all meet high standards. Our crab houses exhibit complete transparency. In fact, the USA picking houses tub the meat and vac-seal it for freshness. The meat quickly travels to restaurants and home kitchens all over the country. A thorough icing and an eye on the calendar will ensure our meat cooks safely for that delicious dish! Take a moment and lift the lid. Our crab meat smells a bit musty with a deep-sea sweetness, an alluring fresh odor. Foreign meat has no smell since the preservatives and acid washing removed it. Fresh USA Blue Crabmeat is just that FRESH. No additives. No mass uncensored production. Just good old Americans, living off the bounty from our fresh, or should I say, brackish waterways! Yes, we have a right to be picky when we take a bite into a golden-brown crab cake!

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