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Colossal King Crab Legs [1.5-1.75 lbs.] approximately 1 leg {Item #47} Alaska or Russia [flash frozen]

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King Crab and Blue Crab

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King Crab Bowl

How does the Blue Crab Compare to King Crab?

Receiving much acclaim from the Maryland crowd, blue crabs find favor for either a steaming in the mid-Atlantic or boiling in the deep south.  The meat pulls buttery, salty-sweet with pristine jumbo, flaky lump, and fibrous claw. Three varieties, same crab. Conversely, king crab gets glamorized on television with cracking shells and huge meat pieces dipped in ramekins filled with butter. Nationwide, crab eaters discuss the briny, but sweet meat. This opaque, plump meat entertains the dinner guests. Critics claim, however, they both deserve an equal place at the feast. The calendar planning is simple. King crabs run from October through February with the freshest meat, while the blue crab impresses during mid-to late summer. Robust and buttery, blue crabs have increased in popularity in many parts of the country, simply for the extraordinary sweet, unique taste. King will always impress with the size and serve a totally different gathering than a picnic table of blue crabs. Fine-dining and surf-n-turfs normally suit the Alaskan crustacean. So, the balance remains with you. Go ahead and embrace variety in your crab feasts and start picking today!

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