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Extra Large Canadian Snow Crab Clusters, 1-1.25 lbs. {8-10 oz./cluster} dock flash-frozen

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Snow Crab Legs

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Dipping Sauce

Snow Crab Clusters make Crab Cracking Easy!

With the elongated legs, snow crab legs easily crack in half exposing the sweet crab meat.  Known as the Queen Crab, snow crabs enjoy North Atlantic and North Pacific waters. Why are they called “snow crabs?”  Well, it’s because their meat is as white as snow!  Each crab has 4 pairs of walking legs (clusters) and 2 claws for each cluster.  Our watermen pull the mature male snow crab from the deep waters.  Female crabs lay untouched since they help replenish the population.  Crab fans love snow crab legs seasoned with Old Bay and dipped in a spicy crab dip (pictured above).

Get your Snow Crab Tips together!

  • Did you know female Snow Crabs hold their eggs for up to 2 years?  So, eat with assurance, we only harvest the male crab.
  • Do you like to eat healthy?  Crack away!  Snow Crabs boast low calories and fat that keep the diner fit!  In fact, a 3 oz. serving contains 85 grams of calories, and 14 grams of protein.
  • What should you do with frozen clusters?  It’s simple!  The clusters have already received a 90% cooking at the dock and a flash-freezing.  Follow these steps to finish the job.  Step 1: Thaw.  Step 2: Place a steaming basket in a large pot and fill the pot up to the bottom, but not touching the basket.  Bring water to a boil.  Step 3:  Season with Old Bay and steam for 5-minutes.  Step 4:  Quickly serve to your hungry fans!  (If you can’t find a large pot.  Finish cooking your Snow Crabs in the oven for 10-minutes at 375 degrees F.)

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