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20% OFF ~ (1 lb.) Wild Caught Tuna Medallions- [FROZEN]

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Ahi Tuna

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How do you pan sear tuna?

Wild-caught tuna boasts the best quality fish from all the world’s oceans, especially the Pacific. Quality in taste and health is what keeps the diners craving for more. Either on a salad, or alone with a side of brussels, pan seared tuna never tastes fishy, but buttery on the inside and flavorful salty on the outside. A refreshed pallet leads to a sense of health with a knowledge of an improved immune system, a reduction of depression, and muscle building power for the entire day. For ease in preparing such a perfect dish, choose either steaks or medallions. Preferably medallions with a deboning and a 1” thickness will receive dinner time accolades. The question is “How do you pan sear tuna?”

So glad you asked! Keep it simple. Pan searing tuna, if left in the skillet too long will turn into a chewy mess. Keep it quick and you’ll achieve a slightly raw inside and crisp outside with a buttery transition, called “mouthwatering” through the process. Follow these simple steps for success. Prepare the skillet. Drizzle the skillet with extra virgin olive oil and turn the burner to medium high. Make sure all the surface is coated. You want to avoid the fish from sticking. Get cooking! Add the thawed tuna and cook for about 2 minutes per side. Lightly season with grounded black pepper. Promptly remove from the heat and take the medallion to a cutting board. Slice ½” slices. The inside should display a pink, while the edges a golden brown. Serve and savor!


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