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Fat Crab Season's Beauties

Fat Crab Season’s Beauties!

Lined up and waiting, feast your eyes on the BEST Blue Crabs this side of the Bay Bridge! Look to us as your everything seafood source. Freshly caught & steamed Maryland Blue Crabs, netted & sized Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, and boat shucked & kept FRESH Nantucket Scallops load up our Sea & Bay Harvest Choices. No need to stand at a seafood market’s deli counter, just add the most delicious seafood into your online cart, select the delivery date and we do the rest!

Our Way is YOUR Way!

True Crab Sizes ~ Super {7” PLUS}, X-Large {6.5”-7”}, Large {6”-6.5”}, Medium {5”-5.5”}. Small {5”-5”}.

Our USA Pride Crabbers Sustainably Catch Blue Crabs to keep the feasts planned for years to come!

We ship using custom crab or seafood coolers, gel packs, dry ice, insulators, and a whole lot of care to deliver the FRESHEST seafood.

Give our Crab Hands a call at 866-532-CRAB to organize your personal feast!

Celebrate the Rock Star in your Life, Your DAD!

Maryland Blue Crab Express has the perfect idea. Steamed Dozens, Double Dozens, Half and Full Bushels should do the trick. Caught in healthy waterways and steamed & spiced in the Chesapeake Bay Tradition, these crabs will give dad time to hang with his favorite people! He’ll give the crabs a tap and crack and savor each pristine crab chunk with a quick dunk in our signature DELMARVA Dipping Sauce. Consider mixing the crabs. We partner with our crabbers around the world for King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Clusters, and Dungeness Crab Halves. Just give us a call for your delivery date and we’ll do the rest! 866-532-CRAB


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