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Dinners ~ Crabs & Cakes ~ Dozen XL Steamed Blue Crabs {6.5"-7"} & 2-(6 oz.)Traditional Maryland Crab Cakes {Flash-Frozen}

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  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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Fat Crab Season's Crabs and Cakes

Christmas Season’s “Crabs & Cakes Dinner” Keep it ALL Blue Crab! We select the HUGEST of the Jumbos, the X-large (6.5”-7”) and create a beautiful dozen. Then we hand-pick blue crabs for our signature, traditional Maryland Crab Cakes. What’s even better than the delicious USA Lump in the recipe is the size! 2-6 oz. cakes truly satisfy. We flash-freeze them for your cooking convenience. 

Crabs do a Body Good!

Crab crews around the Chesapeake all agree the “Beautiful Swimmer that is Savory” not only picks for fun, but also for a healthy seafood choice. First though, just how much picking does healthy eating require? It’s all about math. The average crab, the jimmy sized from 5.5”-6” weighs about 1/3 pound. Obviously, 3 crabs make a pound. During Fat Crab Season from about Labor Day to early December, the crabs may weigh a bit more. But for our rule of the bay, 3 crabs pick to about 2 ¼ ounces of meat. Dieticians claim a serving is 3 ounces, so you’re looking at a around 4 crabs for a sitting. Who follows this serving suggestion, when the crabs are so delicious? No one! So, you can figure 6-8 crabs for a true feast.

With all this feasting, how does the blue crab “do a body good?” It’s all about building a strong energetic body from eating the ‘blue’. The key players: zinc, copper, vitamin B12, and protein all give the crab feaster essential “powerful” benefits. Each serving of crabs, about 4, adds up to 17 grams of protein, perfect for muscle building. Zinc works with this protein to synthetize it for the body and copper enhances the muscles for a normal growth pattern. Finally, vitamin B12 gives you the energy and stamina to grab another crab!

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