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Crack-n-Slurp Special ~ 1-Dozen Jumbo Steamed Blue Crabs (Large, 6"-6.5") & 1-Dozen LIVE Northeastern Large Oysters (FRESH)


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  • Wild Caught 
  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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Crack and Slurp Special

More than a Slurp…Oysters Save the Bay!

Combining oysters and crabs for a fat crab feast, truly celebrates what makes the Chesapeake Bay a culinary tradition. An abundance of oyster reefs flags the crabbers to set some crab pots. The waters teem with plentiful oxygen, healthy grasses and sea creatures like snails, clams, and small fish. All this goodness comes from the oyster. In fact, in biology terms they’re known as a “keystone species.”

Oysters hold the bay’s health with their healthy attributes. One, their shells form a reef that allows for small fish, crabs, and warms to find hiding spaces, away from predators. Many would perish without the reef. Small crabs wouldn’t grow up to the jumbos every crab lover desires. Secondly, oysters feed through a filtration system similar to scallops and clams. Through the filter they feast on algae, a major enemy to bay health. Algae blocks the sun from reaching sea grasses and causes them to perish. Blue crabs hide, spawn and molt in these grasses, along with feasting on the eel grass. Once again, the oyster saves the day!

Blue crabs return the favor by cleaning the bay floor and waters, scavenging on insects and other weak sea creatures. This keeps everything lively and healthy. With such an efficient ecosystem, both crab and oyster develop ideal meat. Blue Crabs boast salty-sweet meat, while oysters exhibit an oceanic briny taste. Eat with assurance. Healthy waterways mean delicious seafood!

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