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Smart Choice ~ 3 Dozen Small ~ Male Steamed Blue Crabs (5"- 5.5") & (3) Crab Mallets {Don't forget your dipping sauce!}

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What’s the best sauce for blue crabs?

Polling this question to crab house visitors always gets a passionate response. Not only do crab fans love the succulent, buttery meat, but they also take pride in how to eat it, and especially how to dip it. Dipping sauces must complement the meat, embellishing the flavors, not hiding them. The answer runs a gambit from no sauce to time-honored recipes from a grandparent who went crabbing on the bay back in the sixties. Claw meat, picked from the pincers, has a fibrous quality and a robust taste. Tomato based sauces complement the profound taste with a tangy sweetness. Some triumph clarified butter for a nutty base. Lump meat extracted from the two main crab halves, offers a meat ideal for crab cakes. Succulent and sweet, this pristine meat calls for some creamy richness from remoulade. Finally, jumbo meat pulls from the back two swimming legs, and needs no introduction. These large chunks receive praise from sea foodies. Nutty clarified butter, browned for a toasted taste complements the buttery jumbo and takes it to ultra-delicious level.

So the answer depends on the specific crab meat. Those fans who require no sauce know the different tastes for the three main crab meat categories. A connoisseur; however, wants to mix the palate with a variety of tastes. No feast is the same. No sauce remains unchanged. These home chefs whip up some interesting concoctions. Traditionalists prefer either the Di Nardo’s sweet vinegar base sauce or a clarified butter choice. Passed down from Delmarva crab feasts, the Di Nardo recipe receives exact following or deviations based on liking. Sort of like adding salt and pepper to taste, home chefs tweak the recipe to fit the desire for sweetness or tanginess. Brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, ketchup, hot sauce, Old Bay, Worcestershire sauce, and water headline the ingredients. Combine all the ingredients and bring to a boil. Cool and serve. Taste and decide. Maybe you want more hot sauce or apple cider vinegar. Possibly, you want to crush vine ripe tomatoes for a garden fresh taste. You decide what’s the best sauce for crabs. Let your taste buds do the talking!

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