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*LIVE* Jumbo Female Sook Dozen Hard-Shell Female Sook Blue Crabs, 6”- 7” -(1 lb. Crab Spice)

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Price: $74.50

  • LIVE Crab Package Weight Surcharge (+$10.00)
  • LIVE- MBCE will not refund any money for dead loss on live orders. Dead loss is expected and can vary order to order.  
  • Wild Caught 

LIVE Female Blue Crabs

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Live Blue Crabs

See an Oyster? Know the Blue Crab is Close By!

Chesapeake Bay environmentalist express thanks to farmers and industries who have followed water “run off” guidelines. The bay estuary continues to thrive. Each year dead zones caused by pollution and farmer pesticides and fertilizers, becomes less prevalent. A dead zone steals the necessary oxygen from the waters. Basically, all vegetation and fish life are strangled or suffocated. Contrary, a thriving, healthy water nourishes all living water creatures. Underwater grass, fish, clams, and oysters teem in a fresh, or should I say, brackish environment. Just to keep it simple, brackish water is 25% salt and the rest fresh. Brackish waters or estuaries keep the crab salty-sweet, a perfect mix! The closer the bay reaches to this proportion, the better the crab season. If you’re wondering if the bay is healthy. Check for oyster reefs.  The larger the oyster population, the more oxygenated the waters. You can guarantee the blue crabs rule the bay in this environment!

Steam those Blues to Perfection!

The Maryland Blue Crab Express crew daily fill massive cast iron pots with the day’s fresh crab catch.  Posted on the wall, time charts and spicing amounts ensure each load cooks to perfection.  A ¾ throttle steaming thoroughly cooks the crab’s jumbo, lump, and claw meat, while keeping the meat tender.  Undercooking is uneatable and overcooking dries the meat to an unenjoyable toughness.  

Follow these steps to Cook your LIVE Blue Crab Delivery.

1/ Position a rack in a large stock pot about 2” above the bottom.

2/ Fill that 2” margin with equal amounts of water and vinegar.  The vinegar will keep the crabmeat from sticking to the shells.

3/ Sprinkle each crab layer with JO Spice #2.  Maryland crab houses use this spice instead of Old Bay since it sticks to the crabs better and gives them a peppery pop!  Keep the Old Bay for crab cakes.

4/ Steam your crabs at ¾ steam throttle between 20-30 minutes depending on if you have a dozen to a bushel.

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