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[LIVE] (1 Bulk Bag) East Coast Littleneck Clams 250 Ct- (Our small sized clam)Special Order-(48 Hours Notice)

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How do you pick the freshest clams for your recipe?

Clams caught in the Chesapeake Bay naturally taste briny sweet from the perfect mix of salt and fresh water in the largest estuary in the world. When prepping littleneck clams follow these steps to ensure a tender meat, both healthy and good to eat. 1) Toss any damaged or cracked shell clams. 2) Give your clams a cold-water bath with some sea salt and then rinse thoroughly. Soak in cold water and repeat this process two times.  Some of the clams will open.  Simply close the shell with your fingers. If they don’t close, toss these clams. You just “weeded out” a few more not fresh enough. 3) Steam your clams with beer, wine, or water.  All tasty clams will open at this point.  Those that don’t, go ahead and toss these.  The number of unusable clams are a minimum, but even one in your dish will detract from that fresh briny taste!

(Depending on the time of year our littlenecks are typically from New Jersey or Virginia. Littlenecks are our smallest clam, but full of flavor.)

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