Double your Crab Eating Pleasure ~ Jimmy Size your Feast!


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Double your Crab Eating Pleasure ~ Jimmy Size your Feast!

Cracking and picking blue crabs take away the worries that weigh us down like a tender filled with rain water. Gusting gales make for troublesome trek through the waters. You can think of the actual wind or problems that come your way. A double dozen takes that all away. After lifting the apron and prying off the top shell, you’ll notice pristine white lump meat protruding from the shells. Scrape off the lungs and mushy parts, but leave a bit of the tomalley for a robust buttery flavor for the meat. You’ll see it. It’s the yellowish substance. Crack the crab in half and pull out the lump with your fingers, seafood fork, or what ever contraption you use to pick crabs. Take note how all the body meat is ultra-white. Fresh crab meat always has this appearance. Pasteurized meat, heated and pressurized does ensure all bacteria and pathogens are killed, but the result is a darker meat with a less flaky lump and plump jumbo. Savor those jimmies. Nothing gets fresher than picking a freshly steamed blue crab!

The crab house crew suggest 6-8 crabs for a perfect serving size for a hungry crab fan only if you also set around the table favorites like corn bread, butternut squash, and shrimp and pasta salad. Sometimes, a few crabs don’t get picked and find themselves back in the fridge. First, always store uneaten crabs upside down to keep the meat tender. The top shell keeps the juices from escaping into your storage container or disgustingly on your fridge’s bottom trays. Plan the next meal. Yes, you may want to reheat this crab and continue picking the next day, or we suggest a creative recipe with the picked pristine white meat. Consider a stir fry with olive oil, zucchini, tomatoes and potatoes. Don’t shy away from a creamy crab soup. Bay spices, garlic cloves, and cream will get you started.  Possibly, you want an eyebrow raising treat. Try a Maryland Crab Hot Dog with sweet corn and Old Bay. With freshly picked crab meat you just can’t go wrong!

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