Crab Legs, a Regional Choice!

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Crab Legs, a Regional Choice!

Our bustling seafood market includes both West and East Coast flash frozen premium crab legs and claws. Iced and packed displays show-off King, Snow, and Dungeness Crabs in a “soldier format.”  Our fishing partners carefully prepare our inventory. On the docks or fishing boats, they cook, and flash freeze all the crabs.  Using nitrogen with an instant freeze maintains flavor, texture, and nutrition.

Take a gander at the first row of bright red, majestic King Crab Legs.  Medium to colossal legs line-up for your inspection.  Each count refers to 10 pounds, so the “16-20 count” designates that many legs in 10 pounds or about two legs per pound.  From the Bering Sea, specifically Norton Sound and Bristol Bay, Red King Crab Legs cook to a sweet tender meat. Try generously brushing cooking oil completely on each leg and grill them for 5 minutes on each side at a low-medium setting.  Grilling on a low temperature ensures the nutrients & vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Selenium remain in the legs. 

Next to the King display resides the elongated Snow Crab Clusters.  In each cluster, a claw and about four legs encompass this “half-body.” Snow Crabs coexist with the King Crab in the Bering Sea but exhibit thinner and fibrous meat. For variety, steam the Snow Crab Clusters while on a strainer inserted in a large cast iron pot.  Allow the meat to cook for 6-14 minutes.  Serve with clarified butter and spicy seafood seasoning. 

Finishing up the “Leg Spectacular,” Dungeness Clusters offer a bold, underestimated choice. Dungeness Crabs represent the West Coast, much like the Blue Crabs amaze the East Coast.  Our Watermen catch this delicacy in the cold waters from Alaska’s Aleutian Islands to Central California.  Even though it’s the smallest crab out of the well-known Snow and King Crabs, the meat exhibits an exquisite taste.  Enthusiasts enjoy the slightly nutty and sweet flavor with tender and flaky meat. If dining on the entire crab, you’ll find the leg meat firmer and with a more distinct malty flavor than the body meat. Try grilling your Dungeness Clusters for a robust flavor that maximizes the salty-sweet quality.  Brush cooking oil on each cluster and grill for five minutes at medium-low heat. Serve and enjoy a West Coast treasure.

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