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Caribbean and Maine Lobster Tails

Spiny Lobsters Find Popularity all around the World!

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and finally to California’s coastline, spiny lobsters find seafood fanatics who prefer it for a traditional Lobster Thermidor, fresh Lobster Salad, or even zesty Italian Sauce for a hearty pasta. The medium sweetness and a firmer texture even lends itself more solidly for grilling and basting with hot garlic butter. Floridians and Italians alike look to the spiny lobster for their dishes and prefer it for its adaptability in soaking in creamy sauces or picante spices.

When preparing these dishes that call specifically for a Caribbean Tail, search out a reputable company that sells flash frozen tails without excessive glazing or dipping in a “preservative bath” that weighs the lobster meat down with excessive moisture, which in turn, you end up paying for in your ounce selection. Different from Maine’s huge claws, body, knuckle and tail meat, spiny lobsters primarily offer just the tail meatAntennas serve as their defense as compared to Maine’s large cutting and slicing claws. These antennas swing in the water, causing a screeching sound that scares away predators. The tails do have a colorful spotted shell, with green accents, that finish up the unique qualities of the spiny lobster. Versatile in recipes as they soak up sauces, firmer for grilling and cooking, and pretty on the plate with an aesthetic shell, these warm water lobsters win favor in fine restaurants and home kitchens alike!

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