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(1 oz.) 'Premier' Lump Crab Balls (Made by hand with pride using 100% USA Crab Meat)- [FROZEN]

  • Cakes Are Made Fresh By Hand And Flash Frozen To Ensure Safe Shipment 

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Appetizer Crab Balls

Maryland Blue Crab Express hand-packs traditional crab cakes with 100% USA Blue Crab Meat!

Following the tradition of early Chesapeake Bay watermen, our crab houses pick heavy fat crabs during the cold months and early spring and make salty-sweet cakes for all crab fests. Every day is a crab cake day!  A hundred years ago families of watermen used to pack crab cakes to survive throughout the cold months.  Wow!  Talk about hibernating in style.  Today, we pick large pieces of lump meat and mix it with the authentic recipe used by these very same early Blue Crab lovers.  Lump meat, Bay spices, eggs, mayonnaise and crushed crackers.  No filler, all taste!  We flash freeze your cakes and ship them in a specialty cooler with ice packs so that your cakes remain frozen and ready for your cooking convenience.  All you need to do is select your perfect sized cake for your event and delivery date. 

Peruse our delicious cakes.

1oz.  Best for appetizers or a side to a main dish.

4 oz.  Nestle this cake on a Kaiser roll and serve curly fries.

6 oz. Talk about surf and turf.  Couple this sizeable cake with a tender ribeye.

8 oz.  This cake stands alone and serves as a headliner to any special meal.

Voted "Best Crab Cake" in Annapolis in 2019 and 2020. 

Recipe Creations ~

“Sweet Kale Lump Crab Cake Salad.”

Get your ingredients together.

20 (1 oz.) Lump Crab Cakes from Maryland Blue Crab Express

1 large ripe mango

Sweet kale


Vine ripe tomatoes

Strawberry vinaigrette

Extra virgin olive oil

Old Bay 

Make Cooking Easy!

 Step 1: Drizzle a skillet with extra virgin olive oil and position frozen cakes evenly throughout the pan, but not touching. Dust each with Old Bay and also sprinkle a generous portion on the spaces between the cakes to give an amazing aroma as the cakes sear. Step 2: Turn the pan to high and begin the frying/searing. Allow 3 minutes with little movement so the cakes reach that golden brown. Then turn over for another 2 minutes. Let your nose do the diagnoses. If it smells like it’s burning, it is! Step 3: Quickly scoop out the cakes and evenly place them on a paper towel to soak out the excess oils. Step 4: Quickly mix prepared sweet kale, chopped almonds and wedged tomatoes in a salad bowl and douse with strawberry vinaigrette. Plate the salad and nestle the mini crab balls beautifully around the salad. Decorate the creation with sliced mangoes and sprinkle Old Bay on the empty spots on the plate for an aesthetic effect.

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