USDA Choice Angus Steaks

Love me tender.  Love me true…Angus & Blue!

Surf and turf holiday meals should include nature’s bounty.  When the meat tastes fresh and tender, know that you’ve chosen the best!  Angus beef marbles naturally and tenderizes the beef while cooking.  Pan-sear and season with salt and pepper for a truly mouth-watering taste.  Eat with assurance since marbled beef also includes a generous supply of Omega-3s.  These fatty acids, according to the experts, help decrease high blood pressure and improve circulation.  That’s what you call loving!  Nestle a jumbo lump traditional crab cake on your festive plate for a succulent delicate white meat and Old Bay pop.  Caught in American waters, this crab meat causes many thanks for a delicious dish.  Give thanks for all the authentic delicacies from American land and sea! 

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