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(5 lbs) Louisiana Craw fish- (Boiled)- [FROZEN]

Price: $15.00

Serve up this delicacy for your next engagement!  Some call them crawfish, crayfish, or crawdads; while others dub them mini-lobsters, mud bugs, or swamp lobsters.  Whatever you call them, they shine in your recipe as they “soak-up” the juices of curry, Cajun or even Homestyle with squeezed lemon, pepper and oregano.  Get out your chef hat and boil, cook, fry; or even stew these delicious bite-size mini-succulent white meat crustaceans.  In just a 3 oz. serving, you’ll receive 14 grams of protein and 70 calories.  Could we now call them your “loved-bugs?”  Join in the craze and enjoy this deal for $48.99 for 5 lbs. of crawfish!

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