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(50) East Coast Littleneck Clams

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Tired of uncreative appetizers for your gala holiday parties? Surprise your guests with east coast littleneck clams. High in iron, 3 oz. of briny fresh clams offer 24 milligrams. Select a dozen or even a 100 count to satisfy your guests as they anticipate clams steamed and flavored to an exquisite taste. Here’s a simple recipe for your delivery. Step 1: Once you receive your live clams, remove dirt with a thorough washing. Step 2: sauté extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt in a pan for one minute and then pour in your favorite white cooking wine. Step 3: Steam clams for five minutes on high & separate opened and closed clams. Keep the opened clams. Step 4: Drizzle butter-wine sauce on the clams. Step 5: Bon Appetite! (Watch our video for a simple steaming & spicing of clams.)


Depending on the time of year our littlenecks are typically from New Jersey or Virginia. Littlenecks are our smallest clam, but full of flavor

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