Pan-sear North Atlantic Scallops as an Exquisite Side

Scallops naturally offer body friendly protein & omega-3s. Swimming swiftly through cold waters develops a plump, tender meat.  In fact, a scallop is a muscle that opens and closes the scallop shell, so the protein boasts near zero fat and helps your dietary protein intake.  The typical scallop contains 19.5 grams of protein per 3 oz. serving.

Cooking Scallops

Many home chefs complain that scallops cause a lingering “fishy smell” to the kitchen.  Try this sequence to keep that smell down.  In turn, you’ll pan-sear golden-brown scallops with plump tender meat.  Step #1:  Thaw your scallops in the fridge overnight.  Note.  Our scallops aren’t portions like you find in the grocery store.  These scallops are round and big!  Placing the scallops on a scale, 10-20 scallops tip to 1 pound.  Step #2:  Position your scallops in a lightly oiled pan(extra-virgin oil for a rich, robust searing).  Sprinkle Old Bay on each scallop and the pan itself.  Extra Old Bay will cook quickly in the pan to fill the kitchen air with an Old Bay smell rather than the “fishy smell.”  Sear on medium-high for 2 ½ minutes and carefully turn for another 2 ½ minutes.  Be careful to not overcook your scallops!  Overcooked scallops become tough and unsatisfying.  Sprinkle a bit more Old Bay in the pan to cook and finish the Old Bay smell in the kitchen.  Step #3:  Promptly plate your scallops and serve with sliced lemons.  Savor plump, whole scallops freshly caught from American North Atlantic waters!

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