Northeastern Oysters ~ Chesapeake Bay & Surrounding Waterways

Northeastern Oysters

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What do Northeastern Oysters Taste Like?

Oysters gain their flavor from the filtered food particles they ingest as the waters pass through their shells. The healthier the waterway, the better tasting the oyster. Algae, phytoplankton, seagrass, and organic matter all help nourish the oyster. Early Native Americans showed the settlers how to pick similar healthy oysters from the bay. Today, fishermen in the Northeast term these medium-cupped oysters, blueprints. The present-day love for oysters travels back to the 1800’s. In fact, along Long Island’s Great South Bay, oysters became a craze all throughout New York City. From there, the Chesapeake, Delaware Bay and shallow waters with rushing currents became hot spots for oyster harvesting. Quality of taste comes from carefully charting oyster health and abundance.

Now, let’s savor the taste. Chesapeake Bay medium cupped oysters boast a smooth salinity with a springy meat. Just like Hemingway’s southern oyster description, the taste of the ocean finishes with a slight metallic flavor with each oyster slurp. Of course, cooked oysters add delightful brininess to seasonings and spices for recipes like Oyster Rockefeller with Baby Spinach Bacon Fondue, Turkey Oyster Stuffing, and Boardwalk Crispy Oven-Fried Oysters. Eat with assurance, oysters boast 69 calories, 2 grams fat, 90 mg salt, 4.2 grams carbohydrates, and 8 grams protein in each 3 oz. serving. Keep the recipes easy and add a blast of oceanic brininess to hearty recipes with freshly shucked oysters or full-shelled harvested oysters.

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