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Maryland Blue Crab Express catches and prepares fresh seafood to add sunlight to your winter days.  Feast your eyes on our latest finds.  Briny Northeastern Oysters bake to a cheesy Rockefeller or a rich stuffing.  Freshly packed salty-sweet Maryland Crab Cakes pan-sear to a golden-brown. Plump and buttery Whole Maine Lobsters bake majestically with brushed butter.  Finally, crack and pick spiced & steamed Blue Crabs freshly potted in USA waters. With these sea delicacies, your winter parties will sing the joys of summer!

Maryland Blue Crab Express Recipes.  Spicy jalapeño, meet briny oyster!

Tempt with Pepper jack Oysters!

Mix and mingle with fellow seafood lovers. Get to know your Bay favorites. Pop a fried oyster into your mouth in between cracking and picking a seasoned blue crab! Get creative with your recipes.  Add pizzazz and a picante buttery taste to the briny crisp North Carolina freshly shucked oysters.

Get your ingredients together.

24 Maryland Blue Crab Express shucked oysters
4 cups buckwheat flour
6 organic eggs
4 tablespoons Greek Yogurt
1 ½ cup shredded pepper jack cheese
2 cups crushed saltless plain crackers

Put on that chef hat!

Step #1: Overnight, thaw the briny oysters in the fridge, and before cooking, drain the liquid.
Step #2: Whisk eggs, yogurt and cheese.
Step #3: Heat a skillet on medium-high and pour ½” deep with extra virgin olive oil.
Step #4: Prepare a bowl with flour and crackers.
Step #5: Give each oyster a dousing bath of egg mixture. Then coat with flour combination.
Step #6: Fry your spicy oysters for 2 ½ minutes/side and then flip for 2 more minutes.
Step #7: Carefully remove each oyster and let dry on a paper towel.

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