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Seafood Dock• (1 lb.) USA Fresh BLUE Crab Jumbo Lump Meat


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  • Product will arrive fresh if shipped overnight, all other transit times product may arrive frozen 
  • Our blue crab meat comes from several picking house depending on the time of the year. They are located in North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, and Alabama.  

Jumbo Size your recipes.

Our picking houses in LA, NC and MD find the freshest & heaviest blue crabs for a clean picking.  Jumbo, lump and claw meat get separated into pound containers for your favorite recipes.  Each variety mixes best with selected ingredients.  Maryland Blue Crab Express ships the crab meat right to your kitchen.  Rest assured, this meat never receives any preservatives or pasteurization.  Choose from fresh to flash-frozen meat for your cooking convenience.  Just give us the word, and we’ll fill containers for your kitchen supply!

Watching a UPS tracking code for a jumbo crab meat delivery?

You receive your authentic USA jumbo blue crab order and wonder what to make.  Consider these choices.  1) Spaghetti Fresca with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat.  Al dente linguine seasoned with basil serves a hearty meal with grape tomatoes and jumbo lump crab meat adorning the pasta.  2) Jumbo Lump Crab Martini.  Shake a cold martini and add grand jumbo lump mixed with red bell peppers & red onions.  Talk about good to the last drop!  3)  Avocado & Lump Crab Salad.  Take salad to the next level with a fresh avocado.  Season with cilantro and red onion and you’ll decide healthy eating isn’t all that bad!  With jumbo lump crab meat, recipes transform into 5-star selections.

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