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Seafood Dock ~ West Coast Dungeness Crab Clusters {c. 2 clusters} [Impressive!]

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Give your feast a battle between the East Coast (Blue Crab) and West Coast (Dungeness)

Watermen first found Dungeness Crabs along a sandy spit along NW Washington State and quickly realized that this crab boiled and steamed into a meat similar to lobster!  The waterway was called Dungeness Spit, so it was easy to name the newfound crustacean. Consider cooking this West Coast favorite for a traditional crab picking or a recipe like fish stew, cioppino.

Dungeness Crab Facts

  • Tastes similar to Maine Lobster.
  • Inhabits grass beds and flowing channels.
  • Heart-shaped, loaded with 25% of its weight in meat.
  • Cook in boiling water for about 25 minutes.  Add salt and vinegar for taste.
  • Season runs from mid-November to July.

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