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Forward Dive Dock Buster Bushel ~ *STEAMED* MD Blue Jimmy Crabs (5.5"-6.5"), (Approx. 6 Dozen) (3) Crab Mallets {Swim on over!}

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  • Wild Caught 
  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 

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Beautiful brilliant white crab chunks pick from jumbo blue crabs!  Pools of hot clear butter wait for a huge jumbo crab chunk. Just a delicious blue crab picking, dunking and eating!  Can you picture it?  We know you want to taste it!  How about feasting on it this weekend?  Call us today for a dozen, half-bushel or bushel steamed USA Blue Crabs.  Ask for the jumbos!  Give us a call to our crab house:  866-532-2722.

When crab picking, where can you find the jumbo pieces?

If you pick crabs all year round and have no problem scarfing down a dozen yourself, you know where it is!  For the beginner, just listen to the process in arriving to beautiful, brilliantly white jumbo crab chunks.  Maryland Blue Crab Express drops pots in the best brackish waters for a blue crab with salty-sweet meat.  Daily, we check the pots and unload the hefty crabs into baskets while grading the sizes from small to super.  (Small: 5”-5.5”, medium: 5.5”-6”, large: 6”-6.5”, x-large 6.5”-7”, Super 7” +).  Then we rush the crabs to our crab houses for your online order.  We steam and spice them to your specifications and then ship them in a specialty cooler directly to your front door.  Now you have them, where is the jumbo meat?

You will find the jumbo meat in the back half of the crab, pulling from the two large back swimming legs. Some compare this meat to a chicken breast’s texture.  The steaming and crab house spice (JO #2) give the meat a succulent taste.  Crab fans love the jumbo pieces that serve as a perfect reward from an ultimate crab catch!  Savor this meat with a splash into a pool of hot butter.  Selecting jumbo crabs just makes sense after enjoying this amazing crab meat!  Pick and eat more since crab meat contains only 82 calories and boasts 10 grams protein in a 3 oz. serving!

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