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Memorial Day Dock Buster ~ STEAMED 1/2 Bushel Jimmy MD Style Blue Male Crabs (5.5"-6.5"), (Approx. 3 Dozen) (3) Crab Mallets

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  • Wild Caught 
  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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Half Bushel #1 Jimmies

Recent Ecstatically Happy Crab Lover ~

“Oh My! Crabs are here in Phoenix! These bad boys were flown in from my born and home town Maryland to my home in Phoenix, Arizona! The excitement of surprise! Perfect flavors flowing on my food craving so satisfied…”

Why is a “rusty” looking crab a good thing?

So, you potted an impressive catch. Lively with snapping claws, and beautiful with the famous blue markings on them. Some appear dirty with a rusty color. In fact, some say they look unhealthy. Try washing them off. If the sediment stays on the crab, then rest assured, you have crabs in old shells. Dirt and mud would wash off. The exoskeleton or shell protects the crab’s inner body and all that succulent meat. Once the crab fills this shell, he’ll burst out of it and fill a newly developed one. Pointedly, an old shelled crab is packed with meat. You have a sized crab at its max yield of the big three: jumbo, lump, and claw meat!

Get the Diddy on the Jimmy!

Watermen term “Jimmy” as a male crab, and we take it one step further to distinguish our number one crab. This selection has undergone several “moltings” during its life to arrive at a shell that keeps enlarging 33% per molt. In this process a jimmy crab weighs the scale with about 2 oz. of meat, a generous yield from a blue crab. Popular crab houses that follow the official bay grading scale categorize a medium as 5.5”-6” and a large as 6”-6.5”. Both sizes fit into the #1 category and fill a half bushel with about 3 dozen, a perfect sampling for both novice and pro crab fans!

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