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Fat Crab Season Jimmy Sale
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Always Summer at Maryland Blue Crab Express

Feast Like No One’s Business During Fat Crab Season!

 Nature loves putting on a show this time of year. Colorful leaves, cheering up the cool days; huge pumpkins, amazing both young and old, and of course; fat blue crabs, filled with the freshest blue crab meat with that autumn hint of butter. Yes, it’s Fat Crab Season again when the blue crabs gorge themselves on bay delicacies to “fatten” up for  the impending colder months. Get more bang out of your bushel with loads more jumbo, lump, and claw meat. Some Crab Lovers set down the mallets after Labor Day. You know better! The fun has just gotten REAL!

Celebrate the Rock Star in your Life, Your DAD!

Maryland Blue Crab Express has the perfect idea. Steamed Dozens, Double Dozens, Half and Full Bushels should do the trick. Caught in healthy waterways and steamed & spiced in the Chesapeake Bay Tradition, these crabs will give dad time to hang with his favorite people! He’ll give the crabs a tap and crack and savor each pristine crab chunk with a quick dunk in our signature DELMARVA Dipping Sauce. Consider mixing the crabs. We partner with our crabbers around the world for King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Clusters, and Dungeness Crab Halves. Just give us a call for your delivery date and we’ll do the rest! 866-532-CRAB


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