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[STEAMED] (3) Dozen Small Male Blue Crabs (5-5.5 inches)


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  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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  • Overnight 1 Day Shipping Orders-2-5 Day Orders Will Ship With Dry Ice and May Partially Or Entirely Freeze Product. 
  • Wild Caught 

Did you know Blue Crabs’ back-swimming legs help them grow high-protein and lean meat?

From Nova Scotia to Uruguay and all estuaries and lagoons in between, you’ll see blue crabs swimming sideways through the water.  Their fifth pair of legs, the back-swimming legs maneuver like a paddle.  Gliding through the waters and foraging on eel grass, oysters, fish, and other sustenance feeds their constant movement.  What does all this movement cause?  Jumbo lump meat in the hind swimming legs, lump along the two major body cavities and claw in the, well, claws.  Protein galore!  In 1 cup of blue crab meat or about 135 grams, you’ll get 24 grams of protein.  Amazing!  Serve up that crab feast!  The average life span for a crab is between 3-4 years, so patient watermen wait until these crabs reach perfect sizes.  We here at Maryland Blue Crab Express pot crabs to your order and fish responsibly.  Smaller crabs get thrown back into the waters so they can continue exercising that meat for that beloved taste.  Salty-sweet with a perfect steaming and a peppery pop with Old Bay seasoning!

Frustrated with all the crab shack online?  Not sure which one to choose?

Take a deep breath and celebrate the fact that you clicked on the best crab site online!  Our crew sizes crabs to a scale used by Chesapeake Bay watermen for decades.  We want to impress our customers with larger crabs in each category.  Just take a quick look at the other names for a large.  “Premiums.”  “Selects.” “Standards.”  At Maryland Blue Crab Express, we call a large a “large” and measure it to a Chesapeake Bay Standard, 6”-6.5” point-to-point.  Don’t worry.  We don’t ship meatless crabs either!  Our crabs boast salty-sweet mounds of jumbo, lump, and claw meat!  Express your true Maryland Blue Crab sizes to your outdoor feast today!

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