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[STEAMED] (1) Dozen Super Legend Blue Crabs (7 + Inches) -(2) Crab Mallets-(2) Crab Knives-(2) Crab Bibs-(1 lb) Crab Spice [Our legends are an extremely rare catch, they may not always be available.]


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Caught fresh & daily, our Blue Crabs ship after steaming or live directly to your door. Set the table, invite the friends, and prepare yourself for an authentic Chesapeake Bay experience.  In fact,  Everyone loves Super Crab's personality around the dinner table. He's always sweet, delicate, spicy and heavy for the occassion! Follow us on LinkedIn and network with the best!

Each order comes with 12 Maryland Blue Crabs and (2) Crab Mallets-(2) Crab Knives-(2) Crab Bibs.

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