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[FRESH STEAMED] (1) Dozen Male Hard Shell Blue Crabs


  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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  • Overnight 1 Day Shipping Orders-2-5 Day Orders Will Ship With Dry Ice and May Partially Or Entirely Freeze Product. 
  • Wild Caught 

No need to sing the Blues with these Blues!

Maryland Blue Crabs do an appetite good. Express a healthy dozen to your feast tonight! 

A Fresh Catch ~

Our crabbers chart bay waters and currents to find the healthiest and biggest blue crabs. The Chesapeake waters direct the way. Eel grass and an ample supply of oysters, clams, and insects mean only one thing. Blue Crabs abound and the getting’s good! Our boats weigh down with pot after pot pulled from the brackish water. No short cuts here or make-believe crab sizes. We follow the Chesapeake Bay Grading Scale.  Supers {7” +}, X-Large {6.5”-7”}, Large {6”-6.5”}, Medium {5.5”-6”}, Small {5”-5.5”} Notice something different from the competitors? We take the fresh catch to an honest catch with exact crab sizes.

Quick Delivery ~

Our packing crew use custom crab coolers and gel packs to deliver your crab feast. We never flash freeze our crabs and they always arrive ready to eat! A dozen size serves about two adult feasters ideally, but it all depends on your selection. A serving size includes about 2.5 large crabs. A hungry adult will normally pick about 3 servings or 8 crabs. A planned feast makes a happy feast every time!

Related Seafood ~

Many customers like to keep a seafood or crab theme to their feast. We suggest adding Gulf White Shrimp, Maryland Crab Soup, and DELMARVA Dipping Sauce to your dozen order. Our shrimp is always caught in USA waters and we offer a variety of sizes. Our captain suggests the 16/20 count shrimp/pound. Heads off and shells on, this shrimp grills ideally to keep the juices within the shrimp as it cooks. Everyone likes a hearty vegetable soup. How about adding freshly picked lump meat? Of course! Our chefs prepare this soup with the very crab we catch each morning. Lastly, the owners of Maryland Blue Crab Express take pride in their secret dipping sauce that combines the salty-sweet of the crabs and a citrus from the sauce. We can tell you that vine ripe tomatoes and apple balsamic headline the ingredients. Make the meal memorable with some of our favorite add-ons!

Customer Reviews~

“This is the place I spoke of to order hard-shelled crabs. They are unbelievably delicious…” (VA)

“The Best company. The quality and fast delivery make this company number 1! I’ve been ordering for more than 7 years! Never have been disappointed! Thank you!” {NY)

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