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[STEAMED] (1) Dozen Blue Crabs -(2) Crab Mallets-(2) Crab Knives-(2) Crab Bibs-(1 lb) Crab Spice

  • Steamed 

Know your meat! Tutorial 

Focused summer sun shines.  Wafting steamed Blue Crab smells fill the air.  You feel yourself moved to pick up a wooden mallet and silver claw cracker as if summoned by the crab sirens!  Seduced by Bay spices and succulent meat, you know these crabs have something to offer.  Heavy, Blue Crab meat!

After you come back from your crab smell high, take a gander at the three types of meat in your Maryland Blue Crab Express Crab.

Map out the crab. 

Once you pull the apron, remove the top shell, scrape away the gills and snap the crab in half, behold the three distinct meat in your crab.  By the way, if the cleaning of the crab seemed quick, keep practicing!  Once you enter the expert level of crab eating, fellow revelers will gather around to watch your expertise.  If you have already received this honor, we raise our claw crackers in your honor!  Follow these three steps to organize your meat.  One, remove the legs and claws.  Within these appendages, you’ll find the claw meat: darker, shredded textured meat that has a richer flavor.  Two, from the two kicking legs from the rear of the crab, you’ll pull large pieces of jumbo meat boasting clean, white crab pieces.  Three, within the body of the crab below the removed gills, you’ll marvel at the lump meat that compares to the jumbo, but in smaller pieces.  The possibilities now abound!   Should you just dip your hard work into hot butter or research recipes for each type?   Make a cooking decision and celebrate your newfound knowledge!  

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Choose a dozen freshly steamed Maryland Blue Crabs when two or three gather for pick’n & dipp’n fun! 

Our watermen catch and size jumbo, jimmy and bay sized crabs each morning and spice and steam them especially for your order.  Equipped with large cast-iron steamers and barrels of JO Spice #2, our crab houses bustle with activity from the “crab room” to the steaming kitchen.  Each step of the way relies on a skilled cooking.  Let our crew know how much spice you require and what sized crab fits your needs.  Using a traditional grader, our docks size the crabs from smalls (5”-5.5”), mediums (5.5”-6.0”), large (6”-6.5”), extra-large (6.5”-7”), to supers (7” plus).  Think of us as your crab chefs.  We expertly spice, steam and ship your salty-sweet crabs to your destination.  Watch this video for our packing skills. By the way, you may want to add remoulade sauce to your order.  Made with mayonnaise, French dressing, horseradish, Old Bay, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, remoulade sauce complements the delicate white crab meat with spicy, zesty & creamy sauce.  Please note, each order arrives with 2 crab mallets, 2 crab knives, and 2 crab bibs.

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