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[FRESH STEAMED] (1) Dozen Female Hard Shell Blue Crabs

  • Due to steaming and shipping process we can not enure exact spicing requests. 
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  • Overnight 1 Day Shipping Orders-2-5 Day Orders Will Ship With Dry Ice and May Partially Or Entirely Freeze Product. 

Real Time Customer Contact. Spice those crabs!

Customer ~ “Can you add extra Old Bay to my order?”

Maryland Blue Crab Express ~ “Sure. We use JO Spice #2 though, a Chesapeake Bay crab house favorite.”

Customer ~ “What’s JO Spice?”

Maryland Blue Crab Express ~ “JO Spice originated back in 1945 on Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. The spice quickly became the “go-to” for steamed crabs.  The larger salt pieces stick to the crabs through the steaming process, while Old Bay simply washes off.”

Customer ~ “Can you tell me a few of the ingredients?”

Maryland Blue Crab Express ~ “Well, the salty-sweet crab meat mixes perfectly with JO’s peppery pop!  Salt, paprika, black peeper and ginger and other Bay spices make up the seasoning.  In fact, it’s perfect for a gluten free diet!

Customer ~ “Go ahead and put extra-spice on my crabs!”

Maryland Blue Crab Express ~ “You got it!  The Best Maryland Blue Crabs and the crab house choice spice.  So perfect together! Keep the Old Bay for crab cakes!”

Crab Picking Tutorial

Step 1: Place your crab belly up and grab the apron’s end with a crab knife or your finger and snap forward. Step 2: Turn the crab over and place your finger in the hole created by removing the center apron. Pry off the top shell. Step 3: Take your crab knife and scrape off the feathery lungs from the interior shell. Try to leave the yellow mustard since it flavors the meat with a profound sweetness. Step 4: Crack your crab in equal halves and pick jumbo meat from the back-swimming leg area and lump meat from the crab body.  Step 5: Take your hammer or cracker and carefully smack the claw to savor the darker meat.  Step 6: Finally, take each leg and break them in half and suck the claw meat from each.

Our watermen catch and size jumbo, jimmy and bay sized crabs each morning and spice and steam them especially for your order.  Equipped with large cast-iron steamers and barrels of JO Spice #2, our crab houses bustle with activity from the “crab room” to the steaming kitchen.  Each step of the way relies on a skilled cooking.  Let our crew know how much spice you require and what sized crab fits your needs.  Using a traditional grader, our docks size the crabs from smalls (5”-5.5”), mediums (5.5”-6.0”), large (6”-6.5”), extra-large (6.5”-7”), to supers (7” plus).  Think of us as your crab chefs.  We expertly spice, steam and ship your salty-sweet crabs to your destination.  Watch this video for our packing skills. By the way, you may want to add remoulade sauce to your order.  Made with mayonnaise, French dressing, horseradish, Old Bay, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce, remoulade sauce complements the delicate white crab meat with spicy, zesty & creamy sauce.  Please note, each order arrives with 2 crab mallets, 2 crab knives, and 2 crab bibs.

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