Maryland Blue Crabs Steamed

Blue Crab bushels weigh down our boats for September!  

This morning around 9am our captain rang the savings bell.  Heaping, heavy Blues scratch and crawl aching with fat meat.  An unprecedented decision bellowed from our captain, "Let this weekend's crab feast create cheers and standing ovations from all crab lovers!"

Blue Crabs cause quite a stir on the Bay’s floor.

Yes, Blue Crabs snap at all moving or resting food on the Bay estuary’s floor.  Scarfing up extra food begins in mid to late August since they sense the impending winter.  Small fish and crabs scurry away from Blue Crabs, but their attacking claw and slicing smaller claw dine on these fearful inferiors to the Blue Crab’s mighty ways.  You can almost hear the underwater announcer yell, “Now in the blue shells, weighing in at 1/3 pound, let’s hear it for the Beautiful Swimmer!”  Eating a full diet, Blues also search for eelgrass and vegetation to produce that salty-sweet meat for your end of summer but beginning of “Fat Crab Season” entrée.  Just a side note, Blue Crabs offer three types of tastes.  Hard shells, Peelers and Soft Shells.  Peelers describe a crab right before he/she changes into a new, improved (larger) shell for more meat-growing room.  Soft Shells name a “naked” crab who just dropped the confining shell.  Beer-battered and sautéed for a sandwich, Soft Shells offer an eccentric meal.  Peelers and Hard Shells steam into tasty meat screaming for a hot butter dip and a welcoming palate.

In Crabs, Size Matters!

No need to use fiction in crab sizing when using the Traditional Chesapeake Grading System. We use this scale to give you quality crabs. The posers call smalls “Standards,” mediums “Selects,” and larges “Premiums.” These terms associate with oysters and shellfish, but not Blue Crabs. The deception doesn’t stop there. The Chesapeake Bay Traditional Grading Scale™ designates a large as 6”-6 ½ “. The new “creative” sizing marks the large as 5 ½”-6 ¼”. Any crab feasting lover knows that this discrepancy is HUGE! Or should I say not so huge. Our crew takes pride in the exact system of baiting, potting and sizing crabs and know that respecting the Bay parallels to treating the customers right. Bottom line, you’ll pick and enjoy more jumbo, lump and claw meat with a crab measuring 6”-6 ½” point-to-point.

Behold, the true sizes!

Supers: 7+ inches
X-Large: 6 ½ -7 inches
Large: 6-6 ½ inches
Mediums: 5 ½ -6 inches
Small: 5-5 ½ inches

Follow our blog for more crab facts.

More Crabby News

Many enthusiasts enjoy the differences between Male and Female Crabs.  The Male sports a unique inverted t-shaped abdomen while the female exhibits a rounded bell-shaped one along with striking bright red nail polished claws.  Preference arises in the consistently flaky male crab meat compared to the female’s dense quality.  We here at Maryland Blue Crab Express proudly present all sizes and both male and female in dozen, ½ bushel or bushel quantities. Our crew seasons the crabs with JO spice #2 to customer requests: none, light, regular and extra spice. 

Special Note for Crab Enthusiasts:  When selecting your shipping method, two distinct packing materials keep your crabs ready to eat: gel packs and dry ice.  Overnight transit utilizes gel, while longer travel requires ice packs.  If the crabs freeze due to the ice packs, simply allow the crabs to slowly thaw within the refrigerator to maintain ideal texture and taste. Also, please keep in mind the following chart for serving amounts.  Get your hammers swinging, legs crack'n and meat dipp'n!

1 Dozen Feeds Approximately 1-2 People. 

1/2 Bushels Feed Approximately 5 people. 

Bushels Feed Approximately 10 people. 






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