Maryland Blue Crabs Live

“More! More! More!”  chants your eager steamed Blue Crab eaters.  Summer Crabs pack the picnic table with crab picking and remoulade sauce dipping.

Maryland Blue Crab Express keeps to its mission:  Express those Blue Crabs to your steamers or stockpots.  Quick delivery of these hefty crabs ensures they don’t lose their claw, leg or body meat.  Feasting on clams, oysters, mussels, insects, algae and other meat-building food, a quick transport to your own crab house guarantees a rich flavored delicacy! 

Make sure your Blue Crab has life before you steam, bake or boil them for your crab feast.  Once you gather all live crabs, place them on ice to shock and prepare them for your recipe.  Also, this process will help keep the crabs from “dropping” their claws when upset or fearing a predator, you!  Don’t worry.  If you’re visiting this page, you’re fine with eating meat and the food eating hierarchy. Possibly, try boiling.  Follow four steps to delicately salty-sweet boiled crab jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Step #1:  Position all the chilled crabs on the bottom of a stockpot and add enough salt-water to submerge all crabs.  To ensure the proper taste, add ½ cup salt per gallon of water.  Step #2:  Season your crabs with a cup of chardonnay or beer.  Spice and season with fresh Bay leaves, garlic cloves, peppery tarragon & J.O. Spice #2Step #3:  Sit back and watch the water boil up to 20 minutes.  Possibly enjoy your own beverage during the wait!  Step #4:  Remove the crabs with tongs into an ice bath.  Returning them to the ice quickly cools them and ensures that the meat doesn’t stick to the legs.  Prepare yourself for picking!

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