Important Holiday UPS Shipping Info

At Maryland Blue Crab Express we wanted to provide some details of the peak holiday shipping time from 11/11/2021 until 01/01/2022.

- Peak season is the busiest time of the year for shipping online packages. Delays in shipping routinely occur during the peak season. (Maryland Blue Crab Express packs orders to last for an extra day, to accommodate for delays. UPS waives compensation for packages delayed during peak season time period mentioned above.

-Maryland Blue Crab Express strongly urges all customers to take the loss coverage on each order. The loss coverage will cover spoilage or damage to packages causing spoilage. The loss coverage does not cover a package delay, where the product is not spoiled or compromised in anyway.

-Maryland Blue Crab Express advises all customers order all frozen orders as far in advance of anticipated date you need the item.

-Maryland Blue Crab Express recomends customers order fresh orders to arrive a full day before you actually need the product.

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