FRESH- Maryland Soft Shell Crabs

Like crabs & beer?  How about mixing the two in your favorite skillet? Try our Soft-Shell Crabs in a Beer-Battered Sauté Recipe.

Diners rave over the beer battered salty-sweet taste of the soft-shells in the Garlic Beer-Battered Soft-Shell Special. Follow these easy steps to preparing your own dish.

1) Whisk two organic eggs with whole milk and set aside. Prepare the garlic-vegetable mix: Dice four plum tomatoes & a sweet onion.  Chop three garlic cloves and parsley.  Combine all seasonings/vegetables together and set aside.

2) Dip soft-shells in the egg/milk mixture and then coat with Soft Crab Batter from J.O., a Baltimore MD brand.  Repeat the dipping and coating for a thicker breading.

3) Carefully place the crabs in a hot skillet with extra virgin olive oil. Add the seasonings/vegetable mix. Sauté for 3 minutes per side creating a golden-brown crust. Carefully turn-over vegetable/seasoning mix and set on top of the crabs. This combined sautéing adds flavor to the soft-shells.

4) Pour your favorite beer on each crab to give the crabs a hoppy flavor that complements the succulent-salty taste. Cook for another 3 minutes per side.

5) Plate and savor this unique dish for the true crab lover!

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