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(4) 8-10 oz Cold Water Lobster Tails- (Canadian or USA Maine Tails)- Uncooked Frozen

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Tell-tale signs of a healthy tail!

What does lobster taste like?

First, look at the lobster.  If the tail curls up a bit, the meat is tender, fresh and healthy!  Cold-water tails from the North Atlantic (Canada or Maine) boast a purer, sweeter meat than warmer tails.  In fact, the cold conditions cause the lobster to grow slower.  A slower rate spells savory.  (Succulent-Amazing-Very Tender-Opaque-Really Good-Yes, the Best!) 

Does lobster do a body good?

Yes!  The USDA claims that in a 1-cup lobster portion, 28 grams of protein, 129 calories and 1 gram of fat feed the body with needed energy.  Don’t stress over the 1 gram of fat since it contains body essential vitamins, including calcium and iron.

Try boiling your tails.

You did the hard part.  You found the best lobster tails online at Maryland Blue Crab Express. Let’s keep the cooking simple.  Find a large pot and fill it with water.  Place on the stove and turn the heat on high to create a boil.  Add 1 TBSP of sea salt per 1 quart of water to maintain the salty-sweet flavor in the lobster meat.  Submerge your frozen tails in the water.  Turn heat back and simmer the tails for 5 minutes per 4 oz. of meat.  Tails should show an opaque color.  Serve with hot butter and savor every bite!

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