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(2 Clusters) King Crab Legs -[FROZEN] [Product of Chile] Approximately 7-12 oz. per cluster ~ Same great taste!

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Chilean Crab Legs

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King Crab tastes like lobster!  Discriminant pallets agree that King legs take the crab taste to a buttery level.

Do you deserve the best seafood?  Of course, you do!  King Crabs stretch up to 6 feet on the Bering Sea’s floor.  Sustainability guidelines keep the supply rich and briny sweet.  Overfishing a crab population leaves smaller and less “fat” crabs so Maryland Blue Crab Express supports respecting crab populations.  Keep the re-steaming simple.  Fill a pot with about an inch of water with a grate for the legs.  Bring the water to a boil and place the legs on the grate. Allow to steam for 5 minutes.  Promptly remove the legs and with kitchen sheers, cut slots in the them to help diners use their own mallets and knives to capture luscious meat.  Get them started but keep the fun in crab eating for the table.  Serve with hot garlic butter.  Bon Appetit!

King Crab legs receive a 95% cooking on the dock so a re-steaming brings the texture and taste to an exquisite level as you'll read on our Facebook and Twitter blog. 

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