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(1 lb.) [FROZEN] - Blue Crab Meat Lump- (Product of Colombia or Venezuela)

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Blue Crab Meat from Venezuela or Columbia

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What makes blue crab meat buttery?

Fresh blue crab meat smells oceanic with hints of salt and butter. Neither overwhelms or takes on a pungent odor. If you smell a fishiness, then the crab house used recently perished crabs, or the meat has entered into a questionable level of “deliciousness.” When you pick up a pound of lump crab meat, know that much care went into choosing healthy crabs for the steaming. No spice or additives mask the taste. Examining the meat, you may find a few orange balls or eggs, which signifies a few females found their way to the picking table. Picking crew carefully remove shells and other inedible parts of the crab, but some of the yellowish substance remains on some meat portions. The pro crab eater knows that this creamy ingredient gives the buttery flavor to the fresh, salty-sweet taste of the meat. In general, it’s the digestive gland of the crab and if the crabs come from healthy waters, then some of it will enhance the crabs’ taste. If you taste a bit of nuttiness, that’s from the claws, and if you think the meat reminds you of shrimp, you’re also right. Pick a few crabs tonight and savor some of that buttery taste!

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