Frozen Shrimp

 Wild-Caught Gulf Shrimp Just Makes Sense!     

Gulf of Mexico White Shrimp grow to jumbo sizes, and when cooked, exhibit tender texture and mild flavor.  This Maryland Blue Crab Express catch stars in spicy boils, fresh salads, and BBQ kabobs. Domestic Gulf Shrimp feeds on small fish, algae, plant particles and plankton.  Freedom to feast on fresh food helps shrimp produce meat with 23 grams of protein per a 4 oz. serving.  High values of B12, omega-3’s and selenium award shrimp as a heart and brain friendly food. B12 enhances blood and nerve health; selenium wards against free radicals that cause premature aging; and omega-3’s improve eye health.  Serve up a healthy portion to your peeps since wild-caught shrimp avoids "farm-raised shrimp" antibiotics that may cause cancer.

We Prep Your Shrimp!

Our crew decreases your kitchen prep time with a high-quality peeling & deveining system or shell-on, head-off technique. P & D shrimp arrives to your cutting board with no tail, head or shells, giving the diner an easy, quick eating experience and offers a “cleaner” succulent, buttery-sweet meat with the gritty translucent tract removed.  Shell-on, head-off shrimp gives the chef grilling options with the protective shell.  Shells ward against overcooking and maintain the distinct flavors.  Our Gulf shrimp measure into four distinct sizes: 21-30 ct., 16-20 ct., 26-30 ct. These counts estimate a pound weight to represent the shrimp amount.  For example, when terming "16-20" count shrimp, sixteen to twenty pieces of shrimp tip the scale at a pound. 

Try out your culinary skills!

Kitchens across America have caught the shrimp craze, making it USA’s #1 Seafood. Fixate that chef hat on your head and start cooking! Try recipes like Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp, BBQ Shrimp Skewers, Grilled Garlic and Herb Shrimp, Shrimp Stir Fry & Noodles, and Honey Walnut Shrimp.  Carefully select a recipe that fits your own passion for this USA pride seafood and decide on a pound, 5 pounds or 10-pound quantity.  Our water-men recently netted a tremendous catch and want to share the joy in your kitchen! Follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook for blogs, videos & seafood friends!

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