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Set the table with a heaping pile of steamed & spiced Blue Crabs!

Yea, it may be cold outside, but inside smells and feels like summer!  How?  You just got a home delivery of freshly steamed Blue Crabs for a family fun night.  Caught in USA waters and graded by our award-winning crab house crew, these crabs burst with huge jumbo, lump and claw meat.  Tender and salty-sweet, the JO spice (Baltimore’s authentic crab house spice) and a hot butter dipping transforms your dining room into a summer day by the dock!  After cracking a dozen or two of these hefty crabs, you’ll know why we received the title, “Best Maryland Crabs 2018-2019!”  Just give us a call at 866-532-2722 or go online and order your dozen, half or full bushel today.  

Crab Picking Tutorial

Step 1: Place your crab belly up and grab the apron’s end with a crab knife or your finger and snap forward. Step 2: Turn the crab over and place your finger in the hole created by removing the center apron. Pry off the top shell. Step 3: Take your crab knife and scrape off the feathery lungs from the interior shell. Try to leave the yellow mustard since it flavors the meat with a profound sweetness. Step 4: Crack your crab in equal halves and pick jumbo meat from the swimming leg area and lump from the body.  Step 5: Take your hammer or cracker and carefully smack the claw to savor the darker meat.  Step 6: Finally, take each leg and break them in half and suck the claw meat from each.  Step 7:  Grab another!

Special Note for Crab Enthusiasts:  When selecting your shipping method, two distinct packing materials keep your crabs ready to eat: gel packs and dry ice.  Overnight transit utilizes gel, while longer travel requires ice packs.  If the crabs freeze due to the ice packs, simply allow the crabs to slowly thaw within the refrigerator to maintain ideal texture and taste. Also, please keep in mind the following chart for serving amounts.  Get your hammers swinging, legs crack'n and meat dipp'n!

1 Dozen Feeds Approximately 1-2 People. 

1/2 Bushels Feed Approximately 5 people. 

Bushels Feed Approximately 10 people. 

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