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Golden King Crab Legs -[FROZEN]

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Golden King Crab Legs

Are Golden King Crab Legs better than King Legs?

Both King and Golden Crabs coexist in cold waters around Alaska’s coastline, Bering Sea, over to the Aleutian Islands. Golden Crabs do  prefer deeper waters, sometimes bottoming out at 2,000 feet. King on the other hand, bask in and out of high and low tide through the rocky coastline, along with 600 foot depths. Worms, clams, barnacles, sea stars and algae nourish these crabs that have served up quiet a delicacy on the seafood market. Even Japan has some king crabs living in their waters, which helps establish an internal cuisine for the crab. Briny-sweet, king crab legs dip smartly in hot butter. The “nutty” butter flavor tames the oceanic salty flavor into a smooth delicacy. Some say golden king has a slightly sweeter quality, but they fill the waters with a higher population, which gives it an edge at a lesser price. Weighing in between 6-8 pounds, king crabs grow larger than Golden Crab’s 5-8 pounds, which naturally gives them more meat per leg. With the right home master chef, however, each reaches a level of deliciousness deserving of a “king.”

To take the pressure off the grill, consider baking your king crab legs. No need to thaw the flash-frozen legs. Thawing will tend to produce soggy meat. Go ahead and show your skills! Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Use the center rack to ensure an even bake. Position the legs on a baking sheet and brush garlic butter generously on each. Whip-up your own butter mix based on your preferences. Old Bay, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil whisk together for a smooth sauce. Add more Old Bay or even some chili powder for a stronger pop. Bake the legs for 30 minutes. Halfway through, with tongs, turn the legs over and brush another round. You may want to make enough butter sauce for dipping. Once done, the legs should show an opaqueness. Take a cutting knife and slice a line vertically in each leg and serve to your lucky dinner guests. Finding a chef with true seafood cooking skills means he respects the ultimate catch!

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