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(3 oz.) Gluten Free Crab Cakes- {Maryland Style with Lump Crab Meat} [FROZEN]

  • Cakes Are Made Fresh By Hand And Flash Frozen To Ensure Safe Shipment 


Gluten Free Crab Cakes

*Depending on the season, the cakes are made with the Asian Swimming Crab

What’s a Gluten Free Crab Cake?

Many health nuts today want to eat “al natural.” “Hold the preservatives, choose organic, avoid fats!” becomes a battle cry up and down the grocery aisles. One recent desire is a shopping list filled with gluten free products. An ailment known as celiac disease started the craze with real time problems. Beginning as bloating, rashes, and headaches, this problem attacks the small intestine. What is it exactly? The body has trouble processing grains like wheat, barley, rye, and any combinations. In simple terms, the body thinks it’s a virus or bacteria and enacts the immune system to fight it. The curled, aching stomach leads to some potential digestive damage. Avoiding these ingredients solves the anguish. Healthy minded dieticians followed suit and boasted a gluten free diet’s benefits for weight loss and increased energy. Yes, the body even acts differently when intaking fiber, vitamins, and body friendly nutrients with this diet. With all these amazing facts in mind, behold, the gluten free crab cake!

One ingredient you must find in crab cakes is real blue crab meat. Imitation meat bogs down the body with loads of carbohydrates, and starchy gluten. Buyer beware. Blue crabs naturally win as a gluten free food. Spices and seasonings must follow suit. Bay spices found in crab house blends also fit the gluten free bill. Paprika, celery salt, black and red pepper all fit this healthy diet. Even mayonnaise with eggs and oils contains no gluten. Looks like the crab cake gets off scot-free. Not so fast! The crushed crackers which hold the cake together includes gluten. Never fear, rice substitutes deliciously with an energy packed benefit. In fact, rice is a natural inflammatory, contrary to gluten’s  bloating properties. So, “What’s a Gluten Free Crab Cake?” A blue crab cake with all the golden brown potential as the traditional cake. Pan-sear, bake, or even deep fry (maybe not so healthy, but amazing!) a gluten free cake for a tender and delicately robust inside and crisp buttery shell. Yes, a healthy choice for those who keep crab cakes on the diet after a workout!

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